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Description: This coastal community offers a pleasant blend of Mediterranean sea appeal and Provencal charm. Its beaches invite you to relax and take part in water sports. The old village, perched on a hill, has cobbled streets and stone houses that bear witness to its rich past. You can visit the well-preserved mediaeval castle, look up amusement parks, enjoy tennis and horse riding activities. Villeneuve-Loubet is the home to the extraordinary Marina Baies des Anges, renowned for its exceptional architecture (white pyramidal wave shaped condominium) and also offers many restaurants and local markets, where you can sample regional specialities. The Vaugrenier nature park offers beautiful green spaces and walking trails. Although less well-known than some of its neighbours, Villeneuve-Loubet is a pleasant destination for those seeking a peaceful Mediterranean atmosphere with a touch of historical heritage.

Events: Gourmet and musical evenings - July
Festival of tales and legends - July-August
Ambiance Renaissance - August
Villeneuve'Africa - September
History book fair - October

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