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Buying property in France on the Côte d'Azur is both different and more difficult than in other countries and regions. AAA Riviera is one of the foremost specialists in property search and purchase on the French Riviera and has over 20 years of experience in this specific field. This activity is truly at the heart of our business. We have completed a significant number of property purchases in partnership with our clients, assisting and guiding them throughout the process.

The AAA Riviera way of property search and purchase

AAA Riviera has developed its own method for property search and purchase, which has resulted in a success rate of over 85%. We follow our buyer customers from A to Z to help them realise their dream property project in an optimal way. The process is divided into 10 stages and includes transferring local market knowledge to our customers about both the "right" location and price level of a property. Furthermore, we take on tasks that are normally the buyer's responsibility. This includes collection of additional information about the property (from Town Hall etc), contract negotiations and analysing how one could organise ownership in an optimal way. Last but not least, at AAA Riviera, we are here to assist our customers even after the purchase.

A detailed description of AAA Riviera's customised method is available on request.

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